3 Reasons to Get Duct Sealing

July 16, 2019

You may not give much thought to the air ducts in your home, but they significantly impact your indoor air. The air ducts are prone to having leaks at times, which can affect the air quality of the building and the health of residents. Fortunately, duct sealing can improve their quality and efficiency. Here are a few of the top benefits of duct sealing:

1. Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Although duct sealing may be an investment, it can reduce your energy consumption on the property and lead to hundreds of dollars in savings throughout the year. Residential and commercial buildings that suffer from duct leaks can waste up to 20% of the energy that the system produces.

Not only does this mean spending more money, but it can also harm the environment. Sealing the ducts will eliminate the leaks and improve the efficiency of the HVAC system.

2. Increased Safety

Duct sealing is an excellent safety measure to take because it can reduce the risk of backdrafts that can occur when gas-powered appliances are in use. All gas-powered devices produce combustion gases, which should exit through the ventilation system.

Carbon monoxide and other harmful gases can enter the living space if leaks are present. This can lead to severe accidents and affect the health of you and your family.

3. Added Comfort

One of the top benefits of duct sealing is the added comfort that it provides in the building because the air will seamlessly move from the air conditioner or furnace to every room in the house. Each season, the interior setting will maintain a higher level of comfort because the HVAC system will operate more effectively.

Professional AC Installation

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