Auburn’s High-Quality Electrical Company

At Expert Air Control, we are proud to be a highly trusted electrical company in Auburn, WA. When you realize any unusual thing with the electrical systems at your home in the fertile river valley, we are your best shot. Having served the community for over four decades, our company has mastered the trade and will leave no stone unturned. Besides, our dedicated electricians know their way around all of the electrical services you need to stay safe and comfortable in your home.

Electrical Company in Auburn, WA

Why choose us:
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Electrical, 01, 02, 06A and Administrator licensed
  • 5% off for seniors and military
  • Undisputed reliability
  • A+ BBB rating

All of our electricians are Washington State Certified and licensed.

Professional Auburn Electrical Services

Electrical Services in Auburn, WAThere’s probably not a single day that passes without you using your electrical system. Therefore, even the slightest electrical problem could cause tremendous inconvenience. Besides the inconvenience, the hitch could be dangerous, especially if not handled promptly. For instance, it could lead to serious injuries, and in the worst-case scenario, a house fire. Call Expert Air Control once you notice any signs of an electrical system issue in your Auburn home. But what are these warning signs?

Warning signs for an electrical problem:
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparking
  • Hot spots on the wall
  • Acrid/ burning odor
  • Popping sounds
  • Circuit breakers constantly tripping
  • Shock upon plugging

Although most people take electrical issues for granted, ignoring them could only make things worse. The problems could lead to widespread losses across your Auburn home, such as damaged appliances. To avoid incurring extra expenses in replacing damaged appliances, seek electrical service as soon as you can.

Prompt, Professional Electricians

Once you notice either of these signs, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a reputable electrical firm. Undoubtedly, Expert Air Control is among the most trusted electrical company in Auburn. Our team comprises of electricians who put their best foot forward in everything they do. Besides, all of our electricians are licensed. Better still, they are well trained and qualified to handle any situation with utmost excellence. With their extensive experience, expect nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled Electrical Services

Your peace of mind is our highest priority. We also understand the danger posed by electrical problems in a home. Consequently, we stop at nothing to ensure that you get the best services in town. To keep our promise to you, we respond within no time. Better still, our team will attend to any emergency needs any day of the week, any time. Expert Air Control is the most preferred electrical company in Auburn. We also provide heating, air conditioning and duct cleaning services. Give us a call today for exceptional performance.