How To Know If Your Air Purifier Needs Repair

May 11, 2020

One of the most important appliances in any home is the HVAC system. For those in the Seattle area, the cool winters and warm summers make having a quality heating and air conditioning system a practical necessity. One part of your home HVAC system is the air purifier, which helps to ensure that as much dust and debris circulating through your HVAC system is removed as possible. There are several signs that your air purifier needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. The Air Purifier Indicator Light Is On

One sign that your air purifier needs to be replaced or repaired is that the indicator light is on. Today, many modern HVAC systems that come with an air purifier also come with a measurement and indicator light system. If the indicator light is on, those that are in the Seattle, WA area should have Expert Air Control come out to inspect it. They may determine that the air purifier is dirty or damaged and can then provide any cleaning or repair services that you need.

2. Filters Are Not Dirty

There are many common forms of maintenance that HVAC systems need from time to time. One of the most common services that you can handle on your own is the replacement of your filter. In general, the air conditioning or furnace filters need to be replaced three or four times per year. At this point, there will normally be some build-up of dust or debris on the filter. If there is no buildup on the filter, it could be a sign that the air purifier is not working properly. Instead, the dust or debris is getting into your ducts and the rest of your home.

3. Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

For people with asthma, having a quality air purifier is extremely important. If you’re experiencing allergy flair-ups more often than normal, there could be more airborne pathogens floating around your home. When this happens, it is often due to the fact that the air purifier is not filtering out these allergens properly, which then will circulate the allergens into the air of your home. This will then trigger the allergic reactions.

4. Bad Smells

An advantage of a good air purifier in your home is that it can help your property smell better. If you notice that your property smells musty, moldy or even smoky, it is often a sign that there is an issue with your air purifier. In these situations, there is likely a build-up of dust and debris or mold sitting in the ducts. If this does not get properly addressed, the mold will continue to grow and the bad smells will get worse. Due to this, it is important to have any noticeable bad smell evaluated as soon as possible.

5. Dust Noticeable on Furniture and in Vents

The air filter and entire air purifier system is designed to keep dust and debris out of your ducts. If the air purifier is not working, the dust will constantly be circulated through your HVAC system and ducts. Eventually, it will be blown out of the vents and towards the ground. If you notice that the vents in your room are dirty or there is dust on your floor or furniture, you should check your air purifier as it may not be working properly.

6. Air Quality Test Fails

Finally, if you’re concerned about your air purifier, you should consider investing in an air quality test. You can purchase your own testing kit that will be able to quickly test your air quality and identify if there are impurities in your air. If you are not passing this test, it likely means that the air is not properly clean. Usually, this will be an indication that the air purifier is not doing its job and should be repaired or replaced.

The air purifier for any home HVAC system is clearly very important. If you are concerned that your home air purifier is not working well, you should call a professional for an inspection and further guidance. Expert Air Control is here to help with your air purification needs. We also provide a full range of heating, cooling and ductwork services. If you are in the Puyallup or Seattle area, you should contact us to schedule an inspection today.