How to Locate Cold Air Leaks in Your Home

October 16, 2019

Cold air can enter your home from leaks in both the exterior and interior of your property. Expert Air Control can explain how to find these leaks so that you can take steps to stop them. Minimizing cold air leaks can increase the energy efficiency of your home and save you money in the long run.

Hand Check

To find some of the larger leaks in a home, the skin on your hand has enough sensitivity. Choose a cold day and make sure that the inside of your home is warm. Run your hand along the edges of windows and doors that open to the outside to see if you can feel any cold air coming in.

Use a Candle Flame

For smaller leaks, a candle flame can be used to find moving air. Turn off your heating system and light a candle. Move the flame around light fixtures, electrical outlets, and baseboards to see if there is any sign of flickering.

Employ a Leak Detector

For a more accurate assessment of leaks, you can use an air leak detector. When you point this device in an area, it can detect if the air in the space is a different temperature than the surrounding air, indicating a leak.

Professional Blower Test

When you want to be sure that you find all of the leaks, have a professional perform a blower test. They’ll use a blower fan in a doorway to depressurize your home. This will let them identify any small air leaks in your home by finding any moving air. This is the most precise manner to find leaks around ceiling joints, electrical and gas appliances, and air ducts.

Experienced HVAC Professionals

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