• Is a bigger furnace or air conditioner better?

    No it is not. Bigger is not always better in the HVAC industry. A larger air conditioner uses more electricity and costs more to purchase, install and upkeep. A properly sized unit will provide the most efficient energy use and most comfort in your home.
  • How often should I change my filters?

    Check filters every two months and replace as needed.
  • I would like to upgrade to a new high efficiency furnace or air conditioner. Do you offer financing?

    Yes we offer financing for all types of situations.
  • I like to keep my house very cool in the summer would a new unit help with costs?

    If you have a 15 year old unit it could be as little as 6 SEER. Most people set their thermostat around 78 degrees in the summer to save costs and with a new high efficiency air conditioner you could save as much as $600 per summer on a typical 4 ton unit while having your thermostat set a few degrees colder.
  • What are the benefits of a programmable thermostat?

    A Programmable thermostat is programmed for when you leave your house and then return home. The thermostat turns of the furnace during the hours you are not home so that energy is not used to keep the house warm while you are at work. The thermostat will then turn back on 30 minutes before you come home so your house is at the perfect temperature when you are home. These thermostats save up to 15% on your energy bills during the winter and 10% in the summer.
  • Why are furnaces and air conditioners so noisy?

    They are not noisy if you install new components in your system. Old units were not built with the quality materials that are used today. Our units also have sound insulators installed on the compressor as well as a weather guard top that not only reduces noise but increases the life of the unit by not letting debris get into the system.
  • When I am on vacation should I turn off my furnace to save energy?

    Common settings is 85 degrees in the summer if you have air conditioning and 60 in the winter if you will be gone for a couple of days. These settings will keep most plants alive and will keep pipes from freezing and bursting in the winter.
  • Do I run any risk by accepting the lowest bid?

    YES! If a bid comes in 5-10% lower than other companies it is because they are using inferior products, do not do a quality installation or are leaving something out of their bid. Many companies will not pay for permits or schedule the inspector to come to your house. Expert Air Control does all the work for you, you just need to relax and enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency of your new system.