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Escape 42dv
Suggested Retail Price: $4039 – $4466 US*

Escape was designed to provide all the latest trends and advancements in gas fireplaces: a large, unobstructed view, accent lighting, clean face design and flush hearth installation. With its premium construction and spectacular appearance, it delivers on its “best in class” promise, maximizing enjoyment of the fire.


Twilight II
Suggested Retail Price: $3949 – $5353 US*

Heat & Glo’s Twilight is the world’s first indoor/outdoor see-thru fireplace. Enjoy your fireplace from your family room and patio simultaneously, any time of the year. This gas direct vent model was tested as both a fireplace and a window, assuring you years of great, carefree performance regardless of the weather.


Suggested Retail Price: $1599 – $2343 US*

The Soho redefines the gas fireplace. Its compact square shape and shallow design is perfect for modern interiors. The portrait installation with Studio front mimics a work of art and allows for installation anywhere in a room or home.


Suggested Retail Price: $3799 US*

The introduction of the CycloneTM marks a foray into an entirely new product category – perhaps better described as “Fire Art” than a conventional fireplace. The Cyclone is available in either a customizable version or as a system. Both models feature the same mesmerizing, show-stopping, spinning tower of fire available only from Heat & Glo. Only 15,000 BTUs, the Cyclone offers a comfortable level of heat for installation in smaller areas, such as foyers and hallways, or in public areas like a lobby, bar or showroom. The customizable version allows homeowners, architects and builders to create a work of art for their own unique installation. The customizable version is encased in a free-standing glass cylinder, offering a 360-degree view of the fire.

* The price listed is the manufacturer’s suggested retail for the base unit. Depending on your location and the options you select, the pricing may vary. Installation and venting cost not included.